Monday, July 20, 2009

Garden update ...

Last time, the beans were not on a trellis yet. My friend put up the rails and stretched the string for me. Some of the beans look like they are close to blooming. I love fresh green beans. And as hot as it is: they are going to be hot right off the vine!
This is the largest doggone tomato! I will measure the trim line on my house but I think it is close to six foot off the ground, and this plant has passed the mark.

I guess it is time to go get a picture of Jacob's crocheted wrapper. It is really warm to sit under and it is made with very fine thread. My dad says the 'cone yarn' is like knitting machine yarn. Dunno ... just know I cannot use a single strand, have to use at least two strands.

Guess I should take out the blocks I made into the quilt center as well.

No promises when I will post! My friend is bringing me her cat tonight. They are going to Maui for a month. Maybe the cat will like me, maybe not.


andsewitis Holly said...

I just love home gardens but can't have one until the dog dies (sounds horrible, doesn't it?). She's so destructive. Yours looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing a picture of Jacob's blanket.

Peach Rainbow said...

Thanks for the quilt dad giveaway!