Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday happiness

I have been sewing and completed a top this weekend. I used Mary Johnson, of Heartstrings fame, easy strip quilt directions. The quilt went together quickly and I got a lot of comments on the top when I went searching for binding fabric. Now, to get the quilting completed.

My local quilt store helped me sandwich the quilt and did a quick basting stitch on their long arm machine. I am hooked! I want to be able to use a long arm for my quilts! They offer a class so you know my name is going on the list!

Anyway, this quick quilt is a gift for a work partner who is expecting her first baby. Baby is over due ... I am just flat out SLOW. Pics as soon as I complete it.


Kikigirl said...

Cindy, I forget - do you like to sew clothes ever? Or do you like to stick to quilts/blankets? I'm just wondering - a friend of mine does sewing projects for infant bereavement. She sends the patterns out to whoever wants to volunteer. I hear it's pretty easy. Just curious if it's something you're interested in, since I know you love sewing. :)

gamawinkie said...

I have been wanting to try Mary's string quilt instructions. Congrats on doing one!

cindyquiltsOR said...

I would love to sew bereavement garments. Please connect me. Thanks!