Tuesday, May 11, 2010

short story ...

I am a grump! BIG GRUMP.

I have so much fabric and just want to share. I have a package ready to send off to one of the winners from "Quilt Dad"'s anniversary. Now, it is not huge, it all fit EASILY into a manila envelope. The 6" x 9" size, not some jumbo mumbo envelope.

I went looking for one of those alternate post offices. The kind where you can rent a box. (In my imagination: only people hiding something/having affairs rent mail boxes.) Couldn't find one so I went to Kinko's/FedEx. This whimpy envelope was going to cost pennies short of $13 to send! Needless to say: it will go into the mail this Friday when I can get to the "other" post office.

All I really wanted to do was share my stash. The value of the fabric I am sending is less than $10, I am sure. How do others ship goodies?

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I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

It should be considerably less through the USPS. If you send it first class, it should cost more than $4.00.

I hear you on the cost to ship things nowadays. Last year I wanted to start an online business and the cost of shipping is the reason why I decided not to start it. The prices are ridiculous!