Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday happiness

I have been sewing and completed a top this weekend. I used Mary Johnson, of Heartstrings fame, easy strip quilt directions. The quilt went together quickly and I got a lot of comments on the top when I went searching for binding fabric. Now, to get the quilting completed.

My local quilt store helped me sandwich the quilt and did a quick basting stitch on their long arm machine. I am hooked! I want to be able to use a long arm for my quilts! They offer a class so you know my name is going on the list!

Anyway, this quick quilt is a gift for a work partner who is expecting her first baby. Baby is over due ... I am just flat out SLOW. Pics as soon as I complete it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm over it ...

I can't seem to get to the post office while they are open. I looked for the postal annex place ... you already heard all of this.


I went to the post office anyways. They have this machine that lets you send packages after hours! They provided the packaging ... kinda paper-plastic envelope. There were none of the cute boxes pictured in the display.

SO ... someone is getting a package in the mail! And it was less than $5 to send it, thank you very much. I want some of those boxes tho ...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

short story ...

I am a grump! BIG GRUMP.

I have so much fabric and just want to share. I have a package ready to send off to one of the winners from "Quilt Dad"'s anniversary. Now, it is not huge, it all fit EASILY into a manila envelope. The 6" x 9" size, not some jumbo mumbo envelope.

I went looking for one of those alternate post offices. The kind where you can rent a box. (In my imagination: only people hiding something/having affairs rent mail boxes.) Couldn't find one so I went to Kinko's/FedEx. This whimpy envelope was going to cost pennies short of $13 to send! Needless to say: it will go into the mail this Friday when I can get to the "other" post office.

All I really wanted to do was share my stash. The value of the fabric I am sending is less than $10, I am sure. How do others ship goodies?

Monday, April 26, 2010

pot holder x jumbo!

This is the other potholder I am working on. It will be close to 20" x 20" when i finish it. I have an antique, solid wood dining table so I use table cloths and "pad" when serving food.

Looks like I figured out how to add pictures! Guess that means I can get out the camera and add the pictures of things I finished but never posted about!

shoe boxes

This picture represents SEVEN shoe boxes of pre-cut squares. I am sending 100 3" x 3" to one of John's readers.

chop, chop

OBVIOUSLY ... I can't remember how to post! Lucky I remember how to sew! OR, I was lucky when I got the last picture to post ...

If it gets attached, the pics will show a small project I have been warming up with. It was four solids and I piece if fabric that looked like silly string to me. The silly string fabric was WOF x 15". I decided to make it into pot holders/mats big enough to keep baking dishes off the table. (Pot holders on steroids!)

I can't get the pics to post. DRAT ...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back at it ...

It has taken me forever to get back to this. Lottttts of history: ended a relationship; changed jobs x 2; legal business in Alaska is completed; garden grew/harvested/replanting. You know ... life on life's terms.

John, over at Quilt Dad, had a blog anni. I love watching how this guy has matured in his sewing. I offered to send him some precut squares from my stash. Even tho I was not sewing, I was trimming and cleaning up stash off and on. Someone will be getting 100 3" x 3" squares as well as about 75 nickles.

AND ... I did start sewing again. If I can figure out the new computer/picture files: pictures above.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Garden update ...

Last time, the beans were not on a trellis yet. My friend put up the rails and stretched the string for me. Some of the beans look like they are close to blooming. I love fresh green beans. And as hot as it is: they are going to be hot right off the vine!
This is the largest doggone tomato! I will measure the trim line on my house but I think it is close to six foot off the ground, and this plant has passed the mark.

I guess it is time to go get a picture of Jacob's crocheted wrapper. It is really warm to sit under and it is made with very fine thread. My dad says the 'cone yarn' is like knitting machine yarn. Dunno ... just know I cannot use a single strand, have to use at least two strands.

Guess I should take out the blocks I made into the quilt center as well.

No promises when I will post! My friend is bringing me her cat tonight. They are going to Maui for a month. Maybe the cat will like me, maybe not.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

weekend wrap up

I actually finished a couple of things other than garden tasks this weekend.

I made Jacob/Amy a small blanket and I am going to post a pic here (later) and then mail it home for them. Amy says they have a lot of stuff with them.

And ... I finished the center section of a small quilt. I need to decide how I am going to finish it up. Time will tell!

And ... I pulled another almost finished afghan out of a box and worked on it. It is nice to be finishing up projects. I think there is only one more afghan in the box of 'nearly done' projects.

Pictures later this week. (You have heard THAT before!)

Feed my sheep ...

This my garden on Independence day. Since then, I have hired a guy to come help with garden chores, so it has changed a lot. I will take a new picture this week.

We call it the "feed my sheep" garden because I tend to help feed all of my neighbors. Many of the people who live near me are on SSI/SSD. Their budgets are always limited. So ... I plant and tend and they accept my offerings of fresh veggies.

On the right side of the picture is ONE tomato plant. It is inside a wire cage as well as staked and propped. That same box has a volunteer acorn squash. It is just covered with golf ball sized squash. Under the leaves of the squash is what is left of my spinach and leaf lettuce.

Center section, upper box had peppers and pole beans. Center section, lower section has basil, parsley and oregano.

Left side box has three tomato plants. These were started in my dad's green house. They have very strong trunks and not a lot of fruit set yet. The farthest one is called Cherokee Purple, the center is Roma and the closest is Early Girl, I think.

The two little pots have summer squash in them. They have been transplanted to another bed at the front of the house. They are blooming and acting all happy.

Also at the front of the house are barrels with the cucumbers and their trellis, a very large rosemary plant, and one with lemon balm and spearmint.